The Russian Revolution (History In An Afternoon Book 1)

The Russian Revolution of 1917 didn’t just bring down a centuries old monarchy and start a civil war, it birthed a form of government and culture which spread to vast parts of the world and did untold damage. Yet, it was directly the work of people and the decisions they took. Written for both students and interested general readers, ‘The Russian Revolution’ explains what happened and why by starting in the 1860s and going through to the end of the Russian Civil War. Bolstered by crib…

The Russian Revolution

Pub Date : 2017-05-30 | Author : Sean McMeekin | Publisher : Basic Books

ISBN 10 : 9780465094974
ISBN 13 : 046509497X

The definitive, single-volume history of the Russian Revolution, from an award-winning scholar In The Russian Revolution, acclaimed historian Sean McMeekin traces the events which ..

History Of The Russian Revolution

Pub Date : 2017-02-02 | Author : Leon Trotsky | Publisher : Penguin UK

ISBN 10 : 9780241301326
ISBN 13 : 0241301327

'The greatest history of an event I know' - C.L.R. James Regarded by many as among the most powerful works of history ever written, The History of the Russian Revolution offers an ..

Lenin On The Train

Pub Date : 2017-03-28 | Author : Catherine Merridale | Publisher : Metropolitan Books

ISBN 10 : 9781627793025
ISBN 13 : 162779302X

One of The Economist's Best Books of the Year A gripping, meticulously researched account of Lenin’s fateful 1917 rail journey from Zurich to Petrograd, where he ignited the Russ..

Darkness At Noon

Pub Date : 2009-11-24 | Author : Arthur Koestler | Publisher : Simon and Schuster

ISBN 10 : 9781439188453
ISBN 13 : 1439188459

Originally published in 1941, Arthur Koestler's modern masterpiece, Darkness At Noon, is a powerful and haunting portrait of a Communist revolutionary caught in the vicious fray of..

Three Whys Of The Russian Revolution

Pub Date : 1998 | Author : Richard Pipes | Publisher : Vintage

ISBN 10 : 0712673628
ISBN 13 : 9780712673624

'It is my considered judgement that, had it had not been for the Russian Revolution, there would very likely have been no National Socialism; probably no Second World War and no de..

The Revolution Of Marina M

Pub Date : 2017-11-07 | Author : Janet Fitch | Publisher : Little, Brown

ISBN 10 : 9780316125772
ISBN 13 : 0316125776

From the mega-bestselling author of White Oleander and Paint It Black, a sweeping historical saga of the Russian Revolution, as seen through the eyes of one young woman One of Ente..

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