The End: Germany, 1944-45

Paperback. Pub Date :2012-04-26 Pages: 592 Language: English Publisher: Penguin Books Ian Kershaws The End is a gripping. revelatory account of the final months of the Nazi war machine. from the failed attempt to assassinate Hitler in July 1944 to the German surrender in May 1945.In almost every major war there comes a point where defeat looms for one side and its rulers cut a deal with the victors. if only in an attempt to save their own skins. In Hitlers Germany. nothing of this kind…

The End

Pub Date : 2012-04-01 | Author : Ian Kershaw | Publisher : Allen Lane

ISBN 10 : 0141014210
ISBN 13 : 9780141014210

What made Germany keep fighting to the death, even when it was clear they would lose the Second World War? Why did its rulers not cut a deal to save their own skin? And why did ord..


Pub Date : 2012-04-19 | Author : Max Hastings | Publisher : Pan Macmillan

ISBN 10 : 9780330529174
ISBN 13 : 033052917X

One of the greatest military feats during the Second World War was the transformation of the German force's activities in the weeks following the battles in Holland and the German ..


Pub Date : 2000-01 | Author : Ian Kershaw | Publisher : Allan Lane

ISBN 10 : 0713992298
ISBN 13 : 9780713992298

It is impossible to offer an adequate parallel to Hitler's situation in 1936. With the peaceful resolution of the Rhineland crisis, Hitler became both the adored object of the vast..

Germany S East Wall In World War Ii

Pub Date : 2015-07-20 | Author : Neil Short | Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN 10 : 9781472805881
ISBN 13 : 1472805887

The East Wall was where the final battles for the stricken Third Reich were fought, amid scenes of utter carnage. Beginning life at the end of World War I, the wall became a pet pr..

Tail End Charlies

Pub Date : 2007-04-01 | Author : John Nichol | Publisher : Macmillan

ISBN 10 : 9781429907361
ISBN 13 : 1429907363

Night after night they stifled their fears and flew through flak and packs of enemy fighters to drop the bombs that would demolish the Third Reich. The airmen of the United States ..

Panzer Lehr Division 1944 45

Pub Date : 2012-08-01 | Author : Frederick P. Steinhardt | Publisher : Helion & Company Limited

ISBN 10 : 1906033528
ISBN 13 : 9781906033521

The Panzer Lehr Division was one of the most élite German armored formations in existence in early 1944. Its baptism of fire was in the deadly Normandy bocage. Although suffering ..

The Third Reich In History And Memory

Pub Date : 2015-02-26 | Author : Richard J. Evans | Publisher : Hachette UK

ISBN 10 : 9781408706435
ISBN 13 : 1408706431

In this fascinating and enlightening collection of essays, one of the most important historians of our time reflects on the ways our understanding of Nazi Germany have been transfo..

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