Soviet Occupation of Romania, Hungary, and Austria 1944/45-1948/49

This book compares the various aspects political, military economic of Soviet occupation in Austria, Hungary and Romania. Using documents found in Austrian, Hungarian, Romanian and Russian archives the authors argue that the nature of Soviet foreign policy has been misunderstood. Existing literature has focused on the Soviet foreign policy from a political perspective: when and why Stalin made the decision to introduce Bolshevik political systems in the Soviet sphere of influence. This book…

The Waffen Ss

Pub Date : 2017-01-22 | Author : Jochen Böhler | Publisher : Oxford University Press

ISBN 10 : 9780198790556
ISBN 13 : 0198790554

This is the first systematic pan-European study of the hundreds of thousands of non-Germans who fought - either voluntarily or under different kinds of pressures - for the Waffen-S..

Inside The East European Planned Economy

Pub Date : 2018-03-09 | Author : Voicu Ion Sucala | Publisher : Routledge

ISBN 10 : 9781351654364
ISBN 13 : 1351654365

This book puts forward a new perspective on the planned economies of communist Eastern Europe, demonstrating in detail how economic practice in such countries was shaped by the int..


Pub Date : 2013-11-01 | Author : Dr. Vadim Birstein | Publisher : Biteback Publishing

ISBN 10 : 9781849546898
ISBN 13 : 1849546894

SMERSH is the award-winning account of the top-secret counterintelligence organisation that dealt with Stalin's enemies from within the shadowy recesses of Soviet government. As Ja..

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