Russia’s Own Orient: The Politics of Identity and Oriental Studies in the L…

Russia’s own Orient examines how intellectuals in early twentieth-century Russia offered a new and radical critique of the ways in which Oriental cultures were understood at the time. Out of the ferment of revolution and war, a group of scholars in St. Petersburg articulated fresh ideas about the relationship between power and knowledge, and about Europe and Asia as mere political and cultural constructs. Their ideas anticipated the work of Edward Said and post-colonial scholarship by half…

The Tale Of The Prophet Isaiah

Pub Date : 2013-08-29 | Author : Ivan Biliarsky | Publisher : BRILL

ISBN 10 : 9789004254381
ISBN 13 : 9004254382

The book contains an edition of the original text of “Tale of the Prophet Isaiah” and commentary on the quite unclear narrative concerning its origins, development and an inter..

International Cross Listing Of Chinese Firms

Pub Date : 2014-01-31 | Author : Liu, Lixian | Publisher : IGI Global

ISBN 10 : 9781466650480
ISBN 13 : 1466650486

While many nations are still struggling from the global financial crisis and regaining their financial security, investors are considering alternative options for investing their m..

Cie O

Pub Date : 2000 | Author : April G. Fritz | Publisher : World Health Organization

ISBN 10 : 9241545348
ISBN 13 : 9789241545341

This edition of ICD-O, the standard tool for coding diagnoses of neoplasms in tumour and cancer registrars and in pathology laboratories, has been developed by a working party conv..


Pub Date : 2014 | Author : Shane Harris | Publisher : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN 10 : 9780544251793
ISBN 13 : 0544251792

An investigation into how the Pentagon, NSA, and other government agencies are uniting with corporations to fight in cyberspace, the next great theater of war...

Our Land Was A Forest

Pub Date : 2018-02-07 | Author : Mark Selden | Publisher : Routledge

ISBN 10 : 9780429978166
ISBN 13 : 0429978162

This book is a beautiful and moving personal account of the Ainu, the native inhabitants of Hokkaido, Japan's northern island, whose land, economy, and culture have been absorbed a..

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