Face to Face With Russia (Classic Reprint)

Face To Face With Russia Classic Reprint

Pub Date : 2018-02-08 | Author : Philip Edward Mosely | Publisher : Forgotten Books

ISBN 10 : 0656114932
ISBN 13 : 9780656114931

Excerpt from Face to Face With Russia Young Bill Robertson of Los Angeles, lightly disguised as Second Lieutenant William D. Robertson, had never been in T organ on the Elbe before..

England And Russia Face To Face In Asia

Pub Date : 2018-02-09 | Author : A. C. Yate | Publisher : Forgotten Books

ISBN 10 : 0656161272
ISBN 13 : 9780656161270

Excerpt from England and Russia Face to Face in Asia: Travels With the Afghan Boundary Commission It may possibly be expected that I should say something of the frontier as it has ..

The Fallen Stuarts Classic Reprint

Pub Date : 2018-02-14 | Author : F. W. Head | Publisher : CUP Archive

ISBN 10 :
ISBN 13 :

Excerpt from The Fallen Stuarts Out of the chaos of Europe had emerged first the power of the House of Hapsburg, and then that of the House of Bourbon. The Thirty Years' War had ma..

Russia The Struggle For Peace Classic Reprint

Pub Date : 2018-02-04 | Author : Michael S. Farbman | Publisher : Forgotten Books

ISBN 10 : 0484560638
ISBN 13 : 9780484560634

Excerpt from Russia the Struggle for Peace I do not pretend that everything in Russia is good and that the Revolution has to answer for no sins, nor do I intend to hide its failure..

The Life Of Peter The Great

Pub Date : 2018-02-02 | Author : John Bancks | Publisher : Forgotten Books

ISBN 10 : 0267535732
ISBN 13 : 9780267535736

Excerpt from The Life of Peter the Great: Formerly Emperor of Russia Batugos. A sort of punishment in which the crimi nal is laid flat on his face, with his back all bare, and his..

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