Cold War on the Home Front

Cold War on the Home Front Amid a display of sunshine-yellow electric appliances in a model home at the 1959 American National Exhibition in Moscow, Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev and U.S. Vice President Richard Nixon squared off on the merits of their respective economic systems. One of the signature events of the cold war, the impromptu Kitchen Debate has been widely viewed as the opening skirmish in a propaganda war over which superpower could provide a better standard of living for its…

Cold War On The Home Front

Pub Date : 2010 | Author : Greg Castillo | Publisher : U of Minnesota Press

ISBN 10 : 9780816646913
ISBN 13 : 0816646910

Greg Castillo presents an illustrated history of the persuasive impact of model homes, appliances, and furniture in Cold War propaganda...

On The Home Front

Pub Date : 2007-07 | Author : Michele Stenehjem Gerber | Publisher : U of Nebraska Press

ISBN 10 : 0803259956
ISBN 13 : 9780803259959

On the Home Front is the only comprehensive history of the Hanford Nuclear Site, America’s most productive and wasteful plutonium manufacturing facility. Located in southeastern ..

Protecting The Home Front

Pub Date : 2016-11-30 | Author : Michael Scheibach | Publisher : McFarland

ISBN 10 : 9781476672120
ISBN 13 : 1476672121

The early Cold War is most often viewed as an era containing women within the home and "traditional" gender roles. Yet this is also the era in which women actively seized unprecede..

Daily Lives Of Civilians In Wartime Modern America

Pub Date : 2007-01-01 | Author : David Stephen Heidler | Publisher : Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN 10 : 0313335346
ISBN 13 : 9780313335341

Michael Neiberg's piece on World War I highlights how America's entry into the war on the Allied side was far from universally popular or supported because of large German and Iris..

Theatre Globalization And The Cold War

Pub Date : 2017-06-05 | Author : Christopher B. Balme | Publisher : Springer

ISBN 10 : 9783319480848
ISBN 13 : 3319480847

This book examines how the Cold War had a far-reaching impact on theatre by presenting a range of current scholarship on the topic from scholars from a dozen countries. They repres..

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