Catherine the Great: Portrait of a Woman (Great Lives)

The story of one of the truly great female rulers in history by an award winning historian.

The daughter of an impoverished aristocrat, Catherine was married aged 16 to Grand Duke Peter, heir to the throne of all the Russias, a feckless teenager with a weakness for drink. Catherine was only able to give him an heir by passing off her lover’s son as his own.

In 1762, Catherine rode out of St Petersburg at the head of an army to arrest her husband. Three months later she became sole empress of…

Catherine The Great Portrait Of A Woman

Pub Date : 2011-11-08 | Author : Robert K. Massie | Publisher : Random House

ISBN 10 : 9781588360441
ISBN 13 : 158836044X

“[A] tale of power, perseverance and passion . . . a great story in the hands of a master storyteller.”—The Wall Street Journal The Pulitzer Prize–winning author of Peter t..

Catherine The Great

Pub Date : 1989-11-09 | Author : John T. Alexander | Publisher : Oxford University Press

ISBN 10 : 9780199874309
ISBN 13 : 0199874301

One of the most colorful characters in modern history, Catherine II of Russia began her life as a minor German princess, until the childless Empress Elizabeth and Catherine's own s..

Peter The Great

Pub Date : 1981 | Author : Robert K. Massie | Publisher : Random House Incorporated

ISBN 10 : 0345298063
ISBN 13 : 9780345298065

This biography of the notorious Russian ruler examines his background and accomplishments, detailing the armed conflicts during his reign and scrutinizing his transformation of med..

Peter The Great His Life And World

Pub Date : 2012-02-22 | Author : Robert K. Massie | Publisher : Random House

ISBN 10 : 9780307817235
ISBN 13 : 0307817237

From the Modern Library’s new set of beautifully repackaged hardcover classics by Robert K. Massie—also available are Nicholas and Alexandra and The Romanovs Against the monume..

Catherine The Great

Pub Date : 2008-01-22 | Author : Virginia Rounding | Publisher : Macmillan

ISBN 10 : 0312378637
ISBN 13 : 9780312378639

A portrait of the late-eighteenth-century Russian ruler discusses how she seized and kept the throne in spite of her illegitimate claim and a series of wars, rebellions, and plague..

The Life And Times Of Catherine The Great

Pub Date : 2006-03-01 | Author : Karen Bush Gibson | Publisher : Mitchell Lane Publishers, Inc.

ISBN 10 : 9781612289038
ISBN 13 : 1612289037

Considered one of the greatest female rulers, Catherine the Great was a German princess who ruled Russia for 34 years. She introduced reforms in government that led to widespread e..

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