Armor and Blood: The Battle of Kursk: The Turning Point of World War II

Armor And Blood The Battle Of Kursk

Pub Date : 2013-08-27 | Author : Dennis E. Showalter | Publisher : Random House

ISBN 10 : 9780812994650
ISBN 13 : 0812994655

One of America’s most distinguished military historians offers the definitive account of the greatest tank battle of World War II—an epic clash of machines and men that matched..

Instrument Of War

Pub Date : 2016-11-17 | Author : Dennis Showalter | Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN 10 : 9781472813015
ISBN 13 : 1472813014

Drawing on more than a half-century of research and teaching, Dennis Showalter presents a fresh perspective on the German Army during World War I. Showalter surveys an army at the ..

The Second World Wars

Pub Date : 2017-10-17 | Author : Victor Davis Hanson | Publisher : Hachette UK

ISBN 10 : 9780465093199
ISBN 13 : 0465093191

A definitive account of World War II by America's preeminent military historian World War II was the most lethal conflict in human history. Never before had a war been fought on so..

Armies Of Sand

Pub Date : 2018-12-14 | Author : Kenneth M. Pollack | Publisher : Oxford University Press

ISBN 10 : 9780190906979
ISBN 13 : 0190906979

Since the Second World War, Arab armed forces have consistently punched below their weight. They have lost many wars that by all rights they should have won, and in their best perf..

Thunder In The East

Pub Date : 2015-11-19 | Author : Evan Mawdsley | Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN 10 : 9781472513458
ISBN 13 : 1472513452

Thunder in the East, originally published in 2005, is widely regarded as the best short history of the entire Nazi-Soviet military conflict. It tells the story from the pre-war exp..

Spies Lies And Citizenship

Pub Date : 2017-10 | Author : Mary Kathryn Barbier | Publisher : U of Nebraska Press

ISBN 10 : 9781612349732
ISBN 13 : 1612349730

In the 1970s news broke that former Nazis had escaped prosecution and were living the good life in the United States. Outrage swept the nation, and the public outcry put extreme pr..

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