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Afghanistan and the Defence of Empire: Diplomacy and Strategy During the Gr…

At the height of the ‘Great Game’ in Central Asia, in the run up to World War I and the aftermath of the second Afghan War, the region of Afghanistan became particularly significant for both Great Britain and Russia. Afghanistan and the Defence of Empire explores the relationship between British and Afghan rulers, during the crucial period of the reign of Amir Habibullah Khan, as the British sought to safeguard their Indian Empire from the threat of Imperial Russia. With Russia’s defeat at…

Look East Cross Black Waters

Pub Date : 2015-10-13 | Author : Jonah Blank | Publisher : Rand Corporation

ISBN 10 : 9780833092069
ISBN 13 : 0833092065

India’s core goals for Southeast Asia are in basic harmony with those of the United States, including regional stability, peaceful settlement of territorial disputes, and contain..

Nuclear Mentalities

Pub Date : 1998-08-10 | Author : B. Heuser | Publisher : Palgrave Macmillan

ISBN 10 : 0333693892
ISBN 13 : 9780333693896

Concepts associated with nuclear strategy often go beyond any 'objective' logic of deterrence. Nuclear weapons have special roles in different national belief-systems, myths surrou..

The Mitrokhin Archive Ii

Pub Date : 2014-01-02 | Author : Christopher Andrew | Publisher : Penguin UK

ISBN 10 : 9780141977980
ISBN 13 : 0141977981

The Mitrokhin Archive II reveals for the first time the full extent of the KGB's global penetration, exposing its operations in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. For..

In The Hands Of The Taliban

Pub Date : 2014-06-05 | Author : Yvonne Ridley | Publisher : Pavilion Books

ISBN 10 : 9781909396708
ISBN 13 : 1909396702

Yvonne Ridley's terrifying 10 day detainment by the Taliban regime in Afghanistan struck a chord that continues to resonate around the world. At a time when the world was plunged i..

Dollars For Terror

Pub Date : 2000 | Author : Richard Labévière | Publisher : Algora Publishing

ISBN 10 : 9781892941206
ISBN 13 : 1892941201

How long have the United States and their Saudi allies been sponsoring and financing the radical Islamists, and why doesn''t anyone stop them? Lab(r)vi re uncovers the money-launde..

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