Sakhalin photo alubum (Japanese Edition)

戦前の樺太庁発行の『樺太写真帖』!附録として2013年9月に旅行したときのサハリン州(樺太)の写真もつけました昭和11年(1936)刊の国会図書館所蔵本を画像のまま復刻=====================扉目次– 官幣大社樺太神社– 樺太招魂社– 樺太招魂社より豐原町を望む– 樺太廳– 樺太地方裁判所– 樫保三ツ富士中の嶽– 伊皿山– 敷香嶽– 突阻山– 初問嶽– 鈴谷嶽– 開島記念塔(白主)-…

Winter Warfare on the Russian Front

This fascinating collection of primary source accounts focuses on the combat actions of the Wehrmacht in the bitter cold of the Russian and Arctic winters. The material is drawn from a variety of wartime sources and encompasses fascinating writings concerning the tactical, operational and strategic aspects of winter warfare.Compiled and […]


Joseph Stalin was one of the most frightening figures of the twentieth century. His name brings to mind brutal terrorism and ruthless oppression. Yet, as New York Times bestselling author Ian Grey shows, at the core of the Man of Steel was a humble, puritanical Georgian peasant. What set him […]